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Google My Business Setup Service

Welcome to our Google My Business Setup Service! Think of us as your guide in the digital world, helping people easily find your business online. Just like a sign for a lemonade stand, we make sure your business stands out on Google, attracting more visitors with all the right information they need to know about you.
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Google My Business Setup Cost - Just $50

For an unbeatable flat fee, we offer a full spectrum of services for your GMB profile setup, including:
  • Competitor audit
  • Profile verification
  • Name, address, phone number (NAP) optimization
  • Primary & secondary business category optimization
  • Addition of service areas (if applicable)
  • Optimized product & service features
  • Defined business attributes & other info
  • Optimized business description
  • Website URL optimization
  • Schema markup (to feature social profiles)
  • Logo upload
  • Cover photo upload
  • Interior & exterior photo uploads
  • Team photo uploads
  • First post / offer creation
  • Actionable review generation strategy

Imagine you’re opening a lemonade stand and you want everyone in your neighborhood to know about it. Setting up Google My Business is like putting up a big, flashy sign on the internet. First, go to the Google My Business website, click on “Manage now,” and follow the instructions. You’ll need to give details like your lemonade stand’s name, where it is, when it’s open, and some pictures to show how awesome it is.

It’s like making a new profile for a game, but this one is for your business. You go to the Google My Business website, and it asks you for your business name, where it’s located, and what kind of things you sell or do. Just fill in all the blanks with information about your business, like your shop is a superhero and you’re telling its story.

Think of Google reviews as gold stars you get in school for good work. Once your Google My Business profile is set up, customers can leave these gold stars and comments about your business. You can’t create the reviews yourself, but you can ask your customers nicely to leave a review on Google after they visit your business or buy something.

Google Plus was like a club for sharing things online, but it’s closed now, just like a shop that’s gone out of business. So, you don’t have to worry about setting up a Google Plus account anymore.

This is like if someone else built a cool fort and you need to show it’s actually yours. Go to the Google My Business sign-in page and look for your business. If you find it, you can click on “Claim this business” and follow the steps. Google might ask you some questions to make sure you’re really the owner.

If you have more than one lemonade stand in different places, you can add all of them under one account. When you’re setting up your Google My Business, there’s an option to add more locations. It’s like having a map with pins in all the places where you have stands, so people can find the closest one to them.

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